My favorite kitchen

It is not in the news, that in a today’s world kitchen is no longer a place used only to prepare your lovely meals. Kitchen area is often combined with dining area or a living room, think about it when you will plan to remodel your kitchen. Many living room furniture is used to customize nowadays kitchen.



Look at that window that is combining kitchen with a living room. That chandelier really stands out of all this kitchen furniture and adds a lot of charm and coziness to this functional room.



Huge wooden dining table in the middle of your kitchen is never getting old. It gives your kitchen a warm feeling and creates pleasant atmosphere for your meal. Everything is picked carefully and harmoniously, just look how ceiling, kitchen cabinets and kitchenware matches each other.



It is really sad we don’t see the other side of the room, so I am not sure if this is a kitchen/living room combo. Is this a table top or a dining table? Multi-functionality is the key to success of this kitchen. You should also notice that room divider that separates cooking area. And I really love how they also combined terrace to be a part of this, it is very easy to relocate your meal outside to become even more healthy.



This is a great example how you can use mainly white color in your kitchen interior and have a colorful result. Cheerful upholstery of chairs, lots of light and space. This kitchen definitely frees your positive emotions. A great place to cook and dine.



Really soft and tender color theme. Graceful chandelier, I like gold plated details together with crystals. You can almost feel woman’s impact on this room. I would say it is minimalism and romance.

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