Minimalism in the natural stone bathrooms

Bathroom should make you feel refreshed and clean, and it’s important for the décor of the space to reflect that sense of calm. However you can also try to get the clean feeling out of your bathroom.

Trying to use less details can have a huge impact on the result. Incorporating natural elements into the bathroom can be a very good idea if you have enough space . Natural stone requires a lot of space to breath and create this special feeling.

You can see the above bathroom to have rejuvenating effects with bring the nature to your bath. Less details is more in this case.

Very interesting mats on the floor and wall that passes the light from the next room.






baie 2.6

amenajare baie moderna




While this image looks cold at the first sight, when you look a bit more into it, you can see that slight accent on the wall and lights neutralize the cold feeling of dark and white in this image.

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